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Friday, November 7, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 40 Review: Destruction Or Salvation? (Spoiler Alert!!!!)

In episode forty of Gaim, Kouta and Ryouma find the hostages, but Reduye has something in mind for Kouta as he shows him his fate. Will Kouta accept whatever his fate is, or will he break free and finish his mission?
There is no doubt that Reduye is the real mastermind anymore, she has been on the ball with her plans and in this episode she almost got Kouta in her grasps. She tries to show Kouta that he is becoming an Overlord which is something that Kouta does want, but he never realized that being an Overlord would mean becoming an Inves. The Inves and even the Overlords were what Kouta has been fighting for the whole time and just saw them as the enemy. Kouta himself is becoming what he has been fighting and even what he has been searching for since he did try to convince the Overlords to help the world. For once Kouta is put into someone else's shoes for a change and Reduye finds the best way for this role reversal. Kouta becomes the first Inves he had to fight which was Yuuya and now Yuuya has become Gaim. I do have to wonder how Reduye knew about this, but I bet it's because she dived straight into his mind so she saw his memories or maybe Micchy has been telling her? Either way this was a devious plan thought up by Reduye and it really gets Kouta to start questioning himself.
So with Kouta in the role of the Inves he starts to see that having power will have consequences. While Mai is with Roshou, Sagara appears and starts to tell Mai of Kouta's fate. Since he could gain the power of the forbidden fruit, Kouta only has two choices. Those would be to save the world and leave himself out of it or save himself and change the world in his view. Reduye even shows Kouta this by having the Inves attack civilians and telling him that this can be his own world. This whole concept of showing Kouta this point of view was great since it really went back and forth. There were times that Kouta tried to stay his real self in this new world and then being seen as a monster and actually going along with it. The reason why people would fight Kouta is because he has too much power and that would break the balance of the world. Kouta already having a small sample of the forbidden fruit is breaking that law and thus he is changing already. There were signs of him not being able to eat normally and by the end of the episode we see that Kouta has control of the forest's vegetation. People are already afraid of monsters to begin with and just knowing that is easier to understand than actually understanding the situation.
This really dives into the idea I have brought up before in my previous review with the ideas of how heroes are portrayed. Many people would say the means justify the ends, but in the real world the ends stay true the most. Kouta would have saved the world with the power he gained, but the people would only see him as a monster in the end. Kouta has to understand that people will be afraid of him because of that power and there have been heroes who faced this struggle before. This really reminds me of how No More Heroes shown Destroyman, a superhero who just loves to kill and that just shows the end results of some of the so called heroic deeds of heroes. How Gaim works with it is similar, but they completely throw out the hero idea out of it. When Kouta breaks free and fights the Inves in the illusion he simply says that he is on a mission. Kouta is not sacrificing himself for the people as he is doing this for himself. Kouta wants to save the world and he will not ignore that part of his mission. I bet he does understand now that people will be afraid of him no matter what. In the end though Kouta wants to save the people and the entire world which is what he wants the most no matter what.
In the previous episodes people have been asking of him of how far he will go to save the people. This is the moment that really shows that Kouta will keep on going now. He had to fight his former friend in an illusion and he still accepts the fact that he is no longer of this world. Even if Kouta saves the world those he has died will not come back. He gets a better understanding of how much he needs to do and this actually starts building a parallel between him and Kaito. I have mentioned before that Kaito already has this mindset and he really takes that to an extreme level. Kaito will change the world in his vision and will have people follow him. Kouta in the previous episodes even wanted Kaito to be the one to change the world and yet he doesn't know if Kaito really wants the same world that he wants. Kouta just knows that Kaito can change the world and now Kouta is starting to understand that he needs to be the one to save the world and not just simply change it. I bet Kouta won't be as aggressive as Kaito and yet he will start to do things with only himself in mind. Again Kouta is on a mission and he won't let anyone stop that mission.
Reminding me of Kaito he did get some moments in this episode. First I would love to mention how he frees the hostages by simply breaking the machine with his foot! Everyone tried to release everyone at first and then Kaito just gives the machine his boot! Again this really shows how different Kaito is, he knows the end results and will aim for those. Then there was him fighting Micchy which I have to say there was a cool camera moment for this episode. To avoid showing the two transforming with all of the effects they simply had a pan out shot of them running while starting up their transformation. As the camera goes off of them then, the two appear in their armor in the middle of a clash. Again this was for budget reasons and yet this was a cool way of getting around that as we could imagine what happened ourselves which is always a good sign for camera work. The shot was straight and simple and when it goes away from the scene we can still tell what is happening, again the world of the camera is large and many things can happen even if we can't see it. Going along Kaito straight up tells Micchy he is being used and yet the boy thinks he is using them. I really do love how Gaim gives the audience a chance to learn what is going on and then the show itself will tell the answer at a longer point of time just in case for those who didn't get it and can then look back and realize when things started.
Episode forty really focused on one thing this time and it deserved all of its screen time. Kouta learning that power causes fear is something he needed to know of. With how Kouta fights back in the end was fantastic and he is clearly staying on track of his mission. Again the show is really working the concept of heroes and villains and is trying to break that down. One can easily been seen as a hero or a villain, but that doesn't matter. The end result is what really matters and as Kaito said before those who have power and use it will change how things play out. They are the people who change the world even if they have bad intentions or not the world will simply change for them. Then there is Kaito who is trying to break down the idea of destroying the rules of the world and most importantly the rule of destruction itself. This episode gets an A for giving Kouta another strong moment in the series and really making him one of the best main characters in the franchise.
Next Time: The battle for the forbidden fruit!

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