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Monday, November 10, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 41 Review: Roshou The King Of the Overlords (Major Spoiler Alert!!!!)

The time has come for the riders, they finally meet the king of the Overlords, Roshou. Kouta and Kaito head to him to save Mai, but what is in store for them? Can these two actually stand up to Roshou and what of the Golden Fruit?
This was an intense episode that really packed way more action than a usual episode. This is clearly where the series has been building up to in the previous episodes. Micchy starting to fight with no doubt, Kaito already in the game and still staying strong, and now even Kouta has found his resolve. Is it really possible for Kouta and Kaito to actually defeat Roshou and gain the Golden Fruit, no they couldn't. These two were defeated with barely any effort from Roshou clearly showing the powers of the Golden Fruit. What's even more shocking is that Roshou didn't even have the fruit in his hands during the time of the fight which I will cover later. I was confused on the fact of how he could be able to use the Golden Fruit without even having it, but I guess once someone takes a bite out of it, the powers will stay with whoever took that bite. This is one powerful fruit for sure since Roshou really shown what the fruit can do like even creating new life!
As I said before Roshou doesn't have the Golden Fruit anymore, but that doesn't mean the riders got it. Mai is the one who has gained the fruit thanks to her words giving a clearer insight to Roshou. Roshou was talking about how lonely he was since he lost everything and he won't help anyone because of that. Roshou saved many of his people for naught and even the one he loves is lost. Roshou thinks she lives in regret for giving the fruit to him, but Mai says something that gives him some insight. Mai tells Roshou that his lover trusted his words since he was doing an overall good deed and Roshou remember that she did give him the fruit for that purpose. Roshou had a strong idea, but his resolve wasn't the strongest. Roshou knows now that he can at least give the humans a chance by planting the fruit into Mai and sending her back to Earth. Roshou has now done the task his race can only do now and that was to give the humans a chance to survive and prevent a future just like theirs. Again Roshou clearly shared traits that Takatora had, but he also resembles Kouta in many ways since he was also a hero trying to do good for the world. He even attained the Golden Fruit to do so just like how Kouta is trying to get it.
It's amazing that Roshou only had this fight in the entire series unless you count him killing Sid as a fight. Roshou didn't pull a single punch when facing the two riders and my goodness it was amazing to watch. In many series I have watched the heroes always have a comeback, but that didn't happen at all for this fight. Roshou stayed in the lead because of the power he has gained. I loved all the effects being used as I can tell the budget was waiting for this moment. Thanks to this being in the Helheim the effects come out better and my goodness there were a lot. Roshou had lightning attacks and his force powers as well had this lovely blue tint to them and I loved seeing the blue tint shining onto Roshou's white body. So many things looked natural for Roshou to have which really helps with special effects, when they actually look realistic for the show's world. Even the effects from the riders were top notch like the simple yellow laser arrow that Roshou grabs and uses against the riders. Even the orange flames looked amazing as they completely covered the rider's bodies, this is also thanks to good lighting works while the effects are being used, making them actually look like they are there. There were even simple touches from Roshou's blade getting a bright blue on them just worked perfectly for this fight.
Even when Kaito is taken out of the fight things still continue well with Kouta still standing up. First of all, Roshou is really not holding back this is a fight for the Golden Fruit and he will kill anyone who is not worthy. Kouta stayed up longer than one would think considering since Kaito was defeated quickly. Roshou could even create new life and use Inves to attack Kouta and he still fought his way through. In the end though Roshou was far too powerful and even with Kwimai Arms, Kouta lost and even his Lock Seed was destroyed in battle. Roshou does die and by Reduye's hands as she sneaks an attack on Roshou and even pulls the fruit from his body. Sadly the fruit Roshou was holding wasn't the real one and causes Reduye to completely kill Roshou while demanding to know where the fruit is. Kouta is beyond furious with Reduye as she has been going too far for too long and he is going to put an end to that.
Before getting to the next and final fight for Reduye I want to mention how much the acting was near perfect. Micchy and Reduye got the crazy part hands down with Micchy completely breaking down. Even good visual signs with his hair in a mess and his eyes red in many shots really shows the state Micchy is in right now. Reduye even had these happy moments when she thought she had the fruit in her hand and then quickly transitioning to manically killing Roshou with an angry voice was perfect. Roshou kept his stoic yet harsh voice in check which I always loved. Kaito and Kouta were really experiencing pain and they sounded and looked liked it. Many people were really dead on with their performances, even Jonouchi and Oren were!
The final fight for Reduye was another good one thanks to the strong use of effects in this episode. Kouta has achieved Overlord powers from the last episode, but now he has full control of them. His eyes glowed red and he even restored his Kachidoki Lock Seed from when Roshou destroyed it. The song, Kiwami Escalation was playing during this song and it's a good song and I will easily get more into that when it's played for a longer amount of time. Still seeing Kouta using the powers of the Overlords were amazing as he defeats Reduye with ease. I mostly love the part when he uses Roshou's sword thanks to the vegetation grabbing it for him. There was more of a simple effect with speeding up moments which were quick and shown with a little blur, but still quite effective. I will say though having the same finisher done on Reduye did make the fight feel a bit anti-climatic though. 
Other things that happened in this episode were the end of Micchy fighting Kaito as the two ends up just punching each other in the face while yelling at each other. I do love the fact that Kaito was telling Micchy's problems and then those words are put into Micchy's subconscious as his brother's ghosts comes back. Takatora tells that Micchy is the only one is not worth anything which comes from Kaito telling that Micchy is only lying to himself about how he thinks about Mai saying Micchy just wants her as a doll. Again Micchy had these bloodshot eyes and it really worked into how crazy Micchy has become. Later on he does fight Jonouchi and Oren and props to them for surviving, I knew they would, but still give them some credit. The two had some trouble with Micchy, but they had a funny moment when Jonouchi literally becomes an acorn missile and launches himself at Micchy, it even knocks him out. I do like though how Jonouchi is picking up Oren's confidence as it's creating a more likable personality for him.
Overall this was a strong episode that ends most of the payoff, but yet there is even more build up put into this episode. Mai has the Golden Fruit now and Micchy is freaking out and even Ryouma is worried about this. Then there is the fact that Kouta is getting up those steps for his goal while Kaito for once stands back and is left in shock. The show is really going to get stronger even with the end of the Overlords and their race. I do have to say though this episode had a strong ending with seeing Roshou's lover at the end seeing him to the end as they both rest eternally. The episode gains abother A because there was that one anti-climatic episode and some hiccups with the effects even when the majority of them was good.
Next Time: The Final Lock Seed

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