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Monday, June 13, 2011

Kamen Rider Birth Changing Gears SPOILERS!

In episode 38 of Kamen Rider OOO continued the arc of Date's changing sides as he wants to reach his goal of one million. Everyone is attacked, OOO by Mezol, Gamel, and Date. Gotou was attacked by Date, but only one punch knocking him out and Ankh had to fight Kazari which i found interesting that Ankh can actually sort of fight. Even Maki had some power over Eiji becuase of them both having the purple medals. Eiji is defeated and Maki gains two of his medals, Batta and Ungai. Gotou gets up and makes a ridervendor explode making a canroid swarm. The gang get back to the resturant as Hina finds out about Date, Ankh is the only one who has no confindence in Date while the others still want to hope.

Gotou goes to the Kougami Foundation to ask for a loan of 100 million! Sadly with all he has done for the company that is impossible because he only can get 75,000 yen. Kougami talks to Gotou about how he has changed over the time and how his desire for becoming Birth is becoming smaller, but Gotou says he is only training so he can use it well. Back to the villians it seems that Maki is going to keep any core medals he collects until the day they separate because he is planning to use one of the greeds for his experiements. There it seems that Lost Ankh is becoming more powerful and a change in emotion he used to be quiet, but he gets ticked off easily and even hits Gamel down to the floor.

Maki tells Date that only the two of them will try to fight OOO, Date tells Maki that he actually enjoyed being around him and asked him about why he wants to be a greed. Maki says that he was a greed ever since he murdered his sister. The next day Maki lures Eiji and Ankh to him by calling out the purple medals inside of Eiji. There they see that Date is going to fight them and Gotou comes in saying that he knows that Date is still good since he knows of his dream about helping countries that are behind in medical science and wants to build a school to help the people. Date says that is complete bullcrap and says he is just a greedy person and Gotou says he will stop him as Date transforms and the two stare off pointing their guns at each other. Date all of sudden turns to Maki and points his gun at him saying that he was paid to stop Maki from becoming a greed. There Maki activates a self destruct switch, but it seems Gotou removed it a while ago, but the greeds come out and ambush Date. OOO transforms into Sagohzo form and take the greed away, but Date is heavily injured.

Gotou talks with Date as he says that if Gotou will carry on for him he shall live on and to believe in himself and he dies in Gotou's arms. This gets Gotou snapped as OOO cannot hold his own facing the three greeds when it seems it is over Gotou comes out and transforms into Birth! It was epic seeing him becoming birth with the new theme Rebirth playing as Gotou was using everything including Birthday form to defeat the three greeds. There Ankh gets four core medals not sure what they were, but two were cheetar and tako.

Lost Ankh comes out and gets the greeds out of the scene as Eiji, Ankh, and Gotou return to Date's dead body... Oh wait he wakes up and it seems that he pretended to die, as Date gets 50 million from Kougami and with the 50 million he already got from Maki he has made his goal of 100 million! There Date leaves to go back to India (i think) and there we see Gotou saying that he will not say goodbye since he will meet him again.

I really liked this episode, first Gotou finally becomes Birth in an epic first fight and Date reaches his dreams. I was expecting a dark ending for Date, but i liked how he faked his own death becuase its just how Date is he is a goof at times. I really cant wait to see how Gotou will fight as Birth from now on. It gets an A. The epic fight

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