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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Poll Results #8

Do You Think The Rumored Rider Grey Will Be An Alien Rider?

Did You Like Ep 2 Of Fourze And Will You Keep Watching It?
Yes and Yes-30
No and Yes-2
No and No-0

Did You Like Episode 3 Of Fourze?

Which Kamen Rider Do You Think Will Be The First Power Rider?

My Thoughts
I am hoping that Grey will be an alien rider its something new and I think it deserves a shot. It is odd though that we could have another alien hero when we have Gokaiger as well.
I am enjoying Fourze and I hope it can keep its good comedy and writing for the rest of the series and not die out like some other rider series, like Den-o (Zeronos saved that series)
Then I have no doubt that Decade will be the Power Rider because they have the team up footage so why not adapt it? Oh wait because Saban failed with Kamen Rider before!

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