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Thursday, September 29, 2011

2012 Super Sentai Series Tokumei Sentai Gobusters!

Wow I was not expecting this to be the next super sentai series, a ghost related series with a name soooo close to my favorite movie Ghostbusters! I can easily tell that there had to be some influence from that film to make this sentai series. I wonder if there will be any little references to the movies or the old cartoon series. Well it is said to be confirmed and Gokaiger is supposed to go for like 55 episodes so it is longer than 50 as the rumors said. Still...... this could be fake all we know, but I wish this is real because of the name is close to the movie. I love Ghostbusters I can watch it over and over again and always laugh. So this sentai series could be a comedic series like the movies I wonder if there will be any close character traits? Well it is odd to see a series in Japan have influence from an American movie, but its Ghostbusters so I would love to see it. So sometime next year the new sentai series will be revealed and maybe it could be Gobusters!


  1. I can see it now: Their morphers are also PKE meters, they have a ghost sidekick like slimer, the first main bad guy is like Gozer, the second one is a ghost who was cursed to be in a painting AKA Vigo, and the final one is what happens when Ivo Shandor comes to life, the first MOTW is good ole Mr. Stay Puft,and I swear if the theme song is in any way a variation of the Ghostbusters theme song..... GOD I can just make a list of what this would be like, if it does turn out to be real.

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  3. Who you gonna call?? GOBUSTERS!! Oh yeah!

    I'm betting that the names would be (Color) Buster. If they used 'Go', it'd be copying GoGoFive...