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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 34 Review: Progression

I'm am soooooo sorry that this is a much later review it's just I am in the final weeks of my days in high school so I got to get a lot of things done. Don't worry though in June I will be back with rapid speed and I will do a special for that month. So for a little recap from episode 33, Gen and his classmates are in Kyoto now for a school trip and hanging around them is a girl named Yukina who is completely annoying and is trying to get Gen as a boyfriend. Also we find out that in Kyoto the Horoscopes are taking action with a plan of theirs which rely on the riders. With a huge amount of cosmic power colliding pillars are revealed and now Libra is off to destroy them. We left off with the riders fighting Libra and now Leo enters the fight. Beginning the episode is Leo who goes Wolverine on the two riders and slashes them with his claws. During this Libra gets free and destroys another pillar. Even with Cosmic and Meteor Storm they are no match for Leo as he roars once more and vanishes. After the battle Kengo notices that one of the pillars destroyed and is thinking. Now Yukina returns as Gen hides the Cosmos switch by throwing it to Kengo. She complains about an injury on her leg (just a little cut) and says that Gen needs to carry her. Ryusei tries to tell her to go back to the inn, but she bounces him off and wants to stay around Gen. Soon he agrees and takes Yukina to the next destination.
Now we go to the hotel where we see Yukina and Yuuki palying ping pong. Yukina starts to talk about how the Yuuki and the others hang around him a lot, but they don't know a single thing about him. She then begins to completely school Yuuki in the game. With the guys Gen is tired from being wiped all day and Ryusei sees that she could get in the way of Gen being Fourze. He is talking to the other members as Jake has nothing on her, Tomoko sees her of being a fearsome person since she is following her heart, then Miu and Shun wish that she would just stop liking Gen since he has to have Fourze to be a secret. They all leave before Ryusei ends his talk and soon Kengo shows him the pillars that were destroyed from before. Gen overhears that the pillars had a circle and an "X" design as he transforms to show them that Fourze has the same symbols. There Kengo asks him to go into a position and uses where the symbols match on the map to find the locations of the remaining two pillars. Gen then sees that the other symbols match Fourze as well and Kengo explains that his father based Fourze designs on the pillars. Also he knows that Libra is destroying the pillars so that the Hole will disappear over Kyoto giving Ama High more cosmic power. Now heading to the villains we see that Hayami isn't happy about Tatsugami interfering. Tatsugami explains that he only wants results for Gamou and he thinks Libra could be defeated by Fourze since he defeated two Horoscopes before and Fourze as Cosmic so it's not looking good for Libra who won't use Supernova for some reason. Soon the two walk out to fight in their Horoscope forms and Hayami gets defeated pretty quickly and there Tatsugami tells Hayami that if he doesn't destroy the northern pillar it will be over for him.
It's morning now as the gang try to head out quietly as Kengo and Ryusei go to the Eastern pillar and the other two will go north. Sadly though Yukina comes out and throws a pillow at Gen saying that they will go to Kiyomizu Temple. With Kengo he starts to notice that Ryusei is changing a lot since he doesn't have to hide anything anymore. They also talk about Tachibana and Kengo is curious about him, but Ryusei doesn't have much info on him. The two split up as Kengo notices Gamou walking up some stairs as he follows him. Before he could catch up though Leo appears and Ryusei notices him. Meteor appears to fight and fight Leo as Kengo leaves. Back to Gamou as he is near the Triangle pillar. With the fight, Meteor is having a hard time as he attacks don't work. He tries Mars, but quickly goes into Meteor Storm. Going to the other part of the team we see that Gen and Yuuki are ignoring Yukina and trying to find the northern pillar. Gen tries to get her to leave, but she won't so Gen decides to show her the truth. He transforms thinking that this will shock Yukina, but she already knows since she watches Gen a lot (creepy). She actually shows her true motive as she only wanted to give Gen a good time in Kyoto since he is always busy fighting monsters. She wants him to stop being Fourze as she takes the driver and runs away. Round two of the fight goes to Leo again as he deflects Meteor Storm Punisher and blasts him away with a roar. Leo then leaves saying that Meteor is too weak for him to even be fighting.
Kengo then catches up to Gamou and Emoto is around as well. There Kengo wonders why the two are meeting up and he finds out that Gamou was also with his father. Gamou then talks about how Kengo's father was a great man and he comes here with Emoto so that they can apologize to him for their sins. Gamou then just tells Kengo that he killed his father as we see the first events from episode 1 where Gamou leaves his friend on the moon. Gamou says that this wouldn't have happened if the research on the cosmic power just stopped and that he regrets his decision. Gamou tells him that if Kengo wants to follow his father footsteps he needs to think through fully as the two leave. Ryusei appears as they both soon find the pillar, but it is destroyed. Yukina then accidentally ends up at the last pillar and of course Libra is around. Gen appears and kicks him away from Yukina and tries to get the driver back. Yukina won't though saying he should just run away like a normal person. With that Gen goes into the fight without the driver and yea this doesn't go well. Yuuki soon comes to Yukina saying that even Gen is not Fourze he will always be the same. Also saving his friends is normal for Gentarou. Yukina finally realizes that Gen needs to be Fourze as she runs to Gen to give him the driver back. In return though she wants a picture with Gentarou after the fight and he agrees. 
The real fight starts as Fourze starts with the Pen switch and makes three Kanji's of Daimonji and uses one of them to attack Libra. Next is the use of the Cosmic Switch as Fourze goes into Cosmic States and uses his sword to fend off Libra. He gets the finisher ready as he takes Libra into space and his staff flies out and almost hits the pillar. In space Gen finishes off Libra with it, but sadly Libra still wins as he retreats and his staff destroys the pillar. The hole is now gone and Hayami is sent to the meeting room. Gamou appears before Hayami saying that the plan was a success, but Libra has lost his fight. Hayami starts to beg for his life as Gamou gives Virgo the command to send him away to the Dark Nebula. Before he is sent though he transforms and goes into Supernova as he gets an all seeing eye and he notices that Gamou has the light of Sagittarius and because of that he is saved as Gamou will keep him so that Hayami can divine the astrological fate of others. Back at the Rabbit Hutch the team take a look at the souvenirs and Gen has the promised picture. Kengo takes it out of his hands and shows the whole group as he tries to get it back from the others.
Episode 34 saves this arc. First I hate Yukina she is one of those character that just get annoying to watch. In this episode though she gets better since we find that she has good qualities. I actually respect that she wanted to give Gen a fun time even though she started to act more annoying by taking the belt. Overall her character was annoying, but there were good parts and she was handled decently. The fights were very lacking in this episode. Seeing Meteor getting tossed around was boring since I knew it was going to happen and the fight with Fourze and Libra was way too short. I did like how Gen fought Libra without Fourze, but again too short of a moment. The best part is how Gamou tells Kengo the truth about how he is the murderer. I was thinking that Gamou just did it for power, but for some reason I am having different thoughts. Gamou actually feels guilty about his decision and for proof Emoto knows about this as well. Maybe Gamou could have been lying, but that scene really got my attention and gives new light to Gamou as he could be a different villain than I thought. Also it's nice to see the villains win as this should progress the show a lot which brings me up to another point. I know the series was focused with Ryusei for a while, but it seems to have taken a while for the series to have movement like this. The series is feeling a little slow, but I think episode is going to boost the progression hopefully. Overall the fights were so-so, but there were some good dramatic scenes, but again Yukina was annoying.... a C+
Next Time: Rock Out!!!

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