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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Poll Results #27

Did You Like Episode 33 Of Fourze?
Yes- 15
Did You Like Episode 34 Of Fourze?
Yes- 12
No- 0

Did You Like Episode 10 Of Go-Busters?
Yes- 17
No- 0
Did You Like Episode 11 Of Go-Busters?
Yes- 11
No- 0

Did You Like Episode 4 Of Akibaranger?
Yes- 20
No- 0
Did You Like Episode 5 Of Akibaranger?
Yes- 13
No- 0

Do You Think That The Magic Painter Will Be the Next Rider?
Yes- 13
Yes, but some info is wrong- 12
No- 4
No, it will be the Tablet Rider- 2
Forgot to mention this, whenever I think of magic paint I think of this game.

Do You Like The Idea Of Monster Ranger?
Yes- 8
No- 6
More info: Monster Ranger will be tributing Liveman in some ways.

My Thoughts
First I will talk about my own Sentai. I knew there was going to be some hate around and I think I know why. It could because of the death of the leader since it never happened in a Sentai series before. That is what I want though something different, but still having tribute elements. Liveman is a dark series and I really enjoy it for that as it used dark plot twists with near perfection. Liveman is a revolutionary Sentai series and I hope it will always be remembered. For the Fourze episodes... this was probably my least fave 2-ep arc so far. Yukina was annoying and it feels odd that now we get some movement with the plot. Go-Busters episode 10 was handled very well with Hiro's sister finally seeing what the team actually does. The MOTW for that episode is the best so far and a lot of drama and action were great. For episode 11 well you will fine out what I think later today. Akibaranger is still full of laughs as episode 4 gave more focus on the parent episode, again it was following the some of the Sentai cliches, but had a different ending. For episode 5 I will post a review of that tomorrow. Next is the Magic Painter and I am happy with this idea even though they are giving five items to use in battle for his belt (Decade-1, Double-2, OOO-3, Fourze-4, and now 5). I am still happy to see that a magic rider will be appearing though as it could be a game changer for the franchise. Finally, once per every week starting June I will start Movie Month! I will review a toku movie and I will start with a recent film (hint it's with a recently ended Sentai).


  1. Liveman is revolutionary, it has likable characters especially the heroes, a good balance of villains. Started the trend of 3 core members that grew to the 5. And Megumi Mori who I am still in love with. This show is cooler and is what Jetman should have been!

  2. I am fine with Jetman, it shares the same darkness like Liveman. Also for me I like some of the Jetman more than the Liveman cast. For me Jetman and Liveman are a close tie in my book since they both carry dark stories with them along with enjoyable characters.