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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Go-Busters Episode 11 Review: A Helping Hand

The episode starts with the team catching Enter has he gets into a fuse box. He quickly attacks as the team blocks his attacks and during the fight something on Ryuji starts going off. It says that his temperature is increasing and in 820 seconds he will overheat. Yoko wonders what it is as we get some back story from Ryuji. It seems Gorisaki has made this device to help Ryuji with his weak point as it can read temperatures. The two get back in the fight with Hiro, but Enter is easily dodging them. He vanishes for a second, appears behind them, and attacks as all three get hit by his wire. The device starts going off again as Ryuji tries to take on Enter, but he is sent back on the ground. His temperature keeps increasing, but soon he just turns it off since it's too noisy. Enter attacks once more, but this time he gets his wires wrapped around Ryuji's wrists. Ryuji tries to fight back, but the two stop him before his temperature spikes up anymore by cutting the wires. After that Enter calls it a day and retreats. At the base we see Gorisaki is stressing out with the fact his device was useless in the fight. Nick tries to cheer him up, but it doesn't seem like he is helping much. The team soon come in and talk about Enter since it doesn't seem he had a target this time. There weren't any readings of a Megazord either, but the commander reminds the team that Enter always has motives.
Soon Ryuji sees Gorisaki all worried and the others wonder why he is acting like this. Nick comes around to tell them about how the device was more of a nuisance than an aid and Hiro and Yoko didn't help with that saying it was noisy. Gori is devastated by this and soon some bickering occurs as Nick yells at Hiro and Yoko yells at Usada for saying that Yoko is nosiy. Ryuji gets Gorisaki's hopes back up by saying that he can't get it perfect the first time. He walks away as Hiro follows and Nick tells Gori that Ryuji wasn't mad at all since he is an adult. Back to Enter as he is looking at Blue in overheat mode and how his temperature increases. Already cutting to the heroes we see Gorisaki giving Ryuji an updated device and this time it can cool him off. Gori tries to activate it and soon it does, but unexpectedly. It sprays Ryuji with tons of freezing gas and when Gori turns it off and apologizes he is told to not over do it next time. Gori starts to walk away as he sees Yoko and Usada having an argument about cleaning the RH-03.  He also overhears another discussion with Nick and Hiro talk about how Hiro acted recently. When Gori is at the rooftop Nick comes up to him with a can of Enertron trying to help him out. He thinks it's about the safety device, but Gori is just a little jealous over Nick and Usada. Since those two can argue with their partners it shows that they show how they really feel about each other. Nick than talks about how him and Usada are jealous since Ryuji is an adult. Gori than goes on about how Ryuji always acted like an adult ever since they met as we get the flashback of thirteen years ago. Since Ryuji was fifteen he already had establish many things about himself and doing things at that age is hard so Gori believes that he cannot see the real Ryuji. Nick thinks he is holding back on Ryuji and Gori agrees, but he thinks that Ryuji is also holding back on himself.
With Enter we see that he is going to make a Metaroid with a fan. Back with Nick and Gori continuing their talk, but soon the alarm goes off. The Buster are sent to go, but Gori stops Ryuji to show him that he has made many other devices. Ryuji doesn't need it though since he has modified the original one.The team get to the location and they are soon blown by a strong gust. The team then changes their guns to the camera mode and look around the area. Ryuji finds the target and transform for battle. Red charges straight for the building, but he is blown away by the Fanroid who soon comes out of hiding. Blue and Yellow then try to attack him from both sides, but with soon activates his fan and moves out of the way. He then gives off another gust of wind that sends the three flying. Ryuji then holds onto the door and the others hold on as well. Ryuji keeps his hold and soon gets on the ground, but he wonders why the roid is acting like this. He soon gets the other two on the ground as they stand behind the wall to avoid the wind. With one minute left before the Megazord appears Red will go to fight it. With Red gone, the Fanroid soon comes out and starts to suck Yellow in. Blue gets a hold of her and gets her out the way of the incoming punch from the roid. The Ace appears, but the Megazord hasn't for some reason. The Beta Megazord appears from the sky and zaps the Ace with electricity. Since the enemy is in the sky they need the RH-03 to fight it so Yellow as to leave as well.
Now Blue fights on his own and tries to get the roid with his sword since it's trying to suck him in, but the roid soon changes the fan and blasts him away. Blue gets a firm grip on the ground and holds on for dear life. He is pushing himself too far though and the device soon starts going off which means his temperature is increasing or it's almost time for overheat to take in. Back with the Megazord it starts to suck Enertron in from above and Red cannot attack with the it zapping him. Yellow appears in her mecha and helps out as she dodges the lightning attacks. When she is close though the zord blasts her with a gust of wind and she is blown away. Back to Blue as he is deciding to let overheat mode takeover and there Enter appears. Gorisaki finds out that Enter was after Ryuji's weak point this time. Enter wants Ryuji to be in overheat mode since he loses control of his body and than getting rid of him will be easier since he will going into a resting states afterwards. Gori decides that he has to take action even if it defies the commander. With time running out Blue has to risk his life, but Gori appears and blocks the wind. Gori tells Blue to attack now and even though he doesn't want Gori damaged this is the only way right now. Blue fires at the Fanroid's fan and then gets ready for the Special Buster finisher. He destroys the roid with the attack and Enter retreats once more. Soon Gori falls down and when Ryuji tries to help Gori tries to give him an icepack. Ryuji though starts to yell at Gori because of his rash decision and Gori is then happy to be yelled at for once. Soon though they recuperate and head off to help the others. Red tries to reach to the zord, but it is too far. Blue comes though and gets a plan ready as Gori says that they can launch the Ace into the sky. Red uses Blue's mecha has a spirngboard as it shoves it into the air. There Red uses the finisher to destroy the zord. We then go to Ryuji and Gori on the roof talking about holding back. Now since Gori spoke his mind Ryuji tells him the device is helpful, but is too noisy. We then end the episode off with Gorisaki ranting on how Ryuji should act and that soon causes the two to fight.
Episode 11 is another great episode as it does something that the other episodes haven't been focusing on for a while. Sure it's similar to the previous Buddy roid focus episodes, but this pair is much different. Ryuji is a much older person and it shows since he is very gentle. The truth is that he should act out more since showing his true self can help out with other problems. I always liked how Ryuji and Gori treat each other, first Ryuji actually acts like the guardian most of the times since he has to support Gori to get his emotions back up. Gori is very nervous all the time and since Ryuji is kind to him it's hard to speak out against him. These two are my fave of the series and seeing them act out of character for a while was nice to watch. The fights were good since it just shows of awesome Enter is. Again he really thinks of what to do and it shows. Even though his main focus seems to be getting Enertron most of the time he tends to focus on other things like actually killing the heroes. If he does that he knows there would be less trouble. Then how he used the roid and the Megazord just to aim for Blue was genius. The other characters also had some nice interactions since they shown what Gori always wanted and how the talk between Nick and Gori was a nice change since I don't really see the Buddyroids have deep conversations like this before. Overall this is probably the strongest Buddyroid focus episode so far as it shows that true emotions should be used more often, an A.
Next Time:'s one of those episodes.

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