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Monday, July 1, 2013

Akibaranger Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Daily Problems (Spolier Alert!!)

It's been a while I got to look into Akibaranger. I'm very sorry for this and for future Akibaranger reviews I am not going to force myself to blast through the episodes and get to an overall series review. I am going to take my time so I can form good opinions on this season. With this episode we have the Gouraigers appear, but they aren't their normal selves.
With the Grand Shogun finding out the delusion world can affect the real world, he decides to make another Gouraiger. She is a yellow sentai warrior and it's funny that she is voiced by Nao who was Hurricane Blue.I bet there were rumors of this actually happening in the series since people would like to think adding another Gouraiger would balance the team up. It's an interesting idea and making her a different shade of yellow makes her fit in with the other two very well. I will say though some of her design choices are very different, mostly her bottom half. It's white and grey compared to the black legs the Gouraigers have. I guess this is used to for gender classification. So now we have a new evil Sentai team in the battle of delusions, and I know Tsuu is not the only one who wanted this to happen in an actual series.
The thing is though is that she is still a monster made by Tsuu so she has the power to steal people's hearts. Now not the full heart itself, but parts of it. The first demonstration is when she takes the otaku part of people's hearts away to make them actually work. Then we find out she took the justice from the Gouraigers' hearts. It's an interesting little power, but that's it for her powers then. Really her existence does cause an issue, but her powers are barely even used again. Maybe she could have been part of the anti-otaku organization, which could be true since when she appears again she is in a black suit like the guys.
You heard me right about the anti-otaku issue. In this episode the birth of the new villains actually cause a change in the calendar. Originally Malshina had these three become the new spears as there would now be ten of them. Sadly Tsuu wanted an evil Sentai, but since they were originally new spear members their names added more days to the calendar. Alright time for a little explanation, the Seven Spears from Hurricanger were based on the days of the week. So you can already see why adding members added three more days to a week. This is not the only problem though as now Sentai can only get to thirty-six episodes! That means we never get Dekaranger's thirty-seventh episode, my favorite NOOOOO! Along with that there are new anti-otaku laws in the three days. The first one is throwing away otaku trash, the second day is banning toku songs, and the final day is no cosplay.
I love how ridiculous this episode got, it's like they finally got to let it go this time unlike some of the past episodes. I mean we had men in black suits chase down Moegi and then the same ones appear to chase Tsuu, how the hell does that work? I really would like to know how this all happened though, I mean all we know was that three days were added. I want to think Tentro Raiger would be a part of this, but we don't get any type of explanation. Also I think they could have gone a slightly bit more crazy, but the actors would have to commit to some large roles. Like the officers just go and strip down cosplayers, it would be crazy and didn't have to happen to Moegi, but some random civilians and heck if Tsuu got that treatment that would have brought up a great laugh.
Going on with Tsuu he finally got into the delusion world! After being chased by the officers he finds himself in the same building as the Akibarangers. This is when Tento Raiger appears and the team take her on and use their devices. This gives him the idea of using his to connect to the delusion world. So he appears before Malshina and our heroes as all of them are surprised to see him. So now we are seeing that he is learning things about the delusion world and he was even thinking that the Akibarangers were real people who went into the delusion world before he actually met them. So this does make previous thought right, he was simply having fun being a Sentai villain. He didn't know that things were happening in real life and thus was just having a blast. Things are different though and he already as an idea to make the evil Sentai team real by having them defeat the Hurricangers in the real world. He just learned this recently and he thought of a plan like this, I hope he has more plans like these.
Another part I was really liking for the villains was that Malshina did do her research for once. She learned about the Hurricangers enemy, the Jakanja. Thus she decides to name Tentro Raiger and the other two the three new spears. Tsuu wanted them to be an evil sentai though and their bickering is great. They are in battle with themselves basically even if Malshina did do her research on Super Sentai. I hope we get a lot more of this because this gives the two villain characters some nice scenes and again some good laughs which is good for a comedy series like this.
Even with these nice parts I will say the action was low sadly, even if we got the Hurricangers to appear. The first fight was pretty good since it was interesting to see an evil Sentai fight. They even had a finisher move which it is mostly a lightning effect with three lightning bolts, but remember lightning effects are always cool. There was an odd thing with Kuwaga Raiger as he grabbed the chests of both blue and yellow during the fights, never knew Isshuu was a grabby guy. We even got to see Hurricane Red get a Shurikenger's armor pad which made me think of Burai passing down his shield to Geki, but sadly it doesn't work at all. Then we even had the Gouraigers come back because they see the Akibarangers work hard like they did when they didn't have money. It did come out of nowhere yet it's still a bit funny cause they just have a glance at the three and they change back instantly. The final fight is then just making a new power from both Hurricanger and the Gouraigers as they make a chain and ball as it just hits Tentro Raiger once and done!
Overall there are some great things in this episode, but some other aspects just go too fast at times. I mean the anti-otaku policies could have been worked with more to add some more humor, the Hurricangers could have more of a fight. To give credit though I did love how the evil Sentai just make a technique called "Deflected by the thing in 2001." This thing was the shadow attack performed by the Hurricangers so that was the part that made me laugh the most considering they just use a wall to stop the heroes. This episode is better than five and six, but not by a whole lot since they could have done a little more jabbing for humor. I would give this episode a B- for some great villain scenes. Still this episode lacked a lot of meat and could easily benefited from that.
Next Time: Tentro Raiger again?

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