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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 25 Review: Rejected!

Well its Spring for the gang and Gen is excited like always about the season where young hearts turn restless. Ryusei keeps thinking to himself how much of an idiot he is and a good joke too. Yuuki spots Miu looking at the cherry blossoms and she has a much different look on her today. Yuuki tries to ask if anything is wrong, but she is fine for now... An issue does turn up though as a truck drives in with a projector saying LOVE on it. The projector then shows a message of Shun aking Miu out to prom. He even gets the football team to help him out as everyone is excited... sadly he gets turned down though (OUCH!). She says she doesn't have time to think about that kind of stuff and with the plan a total failure everyone leaves as Shun is heartbroken. To prove how stupid Gen is he asks what is a prom... For this school its a dance that happens after the graduation ceremony and is the climax of romance!Gen then realizes that Miu and Shun will then be graduating soon and is shocked. Ohsugi then comes out to give a monologue and thinks about the graduating students and wants Gen to leave already if it's graduation or expulsion. After laughing at his thoughts a fireball flies across his face and its the Altair Zodiart?!
After the opening credits, Hayami is on the roof as he practices his speech while Kijima keeps smacking his fan. He then starts to talk about to not letting any potential Zodiarts to graduate, but the only ones who will be graduating are students who couldn't bring any results. Kijima keeps taunting him though saying that those students can still become a Horoscope as Hayami transforms and attacks. Kijima goes into Cancer though and defends himself and gets away by jumping off of the roof. Back with the gang as Shun is crushed the rest talk about Miu and Shun graduating. Gen tries to boost Shun up with the fact that Gen didn't get to make friends with some of the seniors, but at least he can wave goodbye to the ones he did befriend. Meanwhile some seniors are being bothered by a girl with a camera. When Gen comes into the classroom he notices its, Ritsuko (Altair Zodiart), Tamae (Chameleon Zoidiart), and Nomoto (Dragon Zodiart) and after a quick recap of who they are we are introduced to the camera woman. Her name is Tokuda Yayoi who is a senior in the newspaper club and I noticed that it is the same actress who played Rije from Abaranger, it has been a while. Well Yayoi has been finding out that the monsters have actually been students and Gen tries to defend them, but he sees a picture of Altair and gets worried. After Yayoi leaves Gen asks Ritsuko if she was Altair again as she stomps on his foot. She then leaves wondering why she even thought of haveing Gen has a date for prom and even Tamae wanted the same.
We then get to the Rabbit Hutch where Jake talks about how the playboy Gen has been shot down. Miu is ticked off though as they should be focused on the Zodiart. Tomoko asks if Ritsuko did become Altair again as Gen doesn't think that she did. Now Gen will make sure to prove those three are innocent as he wants everyone to graduate with a smile on their face. Yuuki then starts to stress out about how to look into this case and to calm her down Miu says that Yuuki will be the next president of the club. Everyone freaks out as Miu jokes with the gang if they will be okay when they are gone. Shun agrees with Miu and tries to get her out to prom, but she doesn't want to talk about it. Next the Burgermeal spots a Zodiart as it is Chameleon! Fourze already comes in the fight in Elek States and everyone wonders if it is Tamae again. Well the fights is taken outside and after Gen uses the Pen switch to counter the invisibility, Meteor comes in and fights along with Fourze. Meteor also gets the finishing move as he destroys the Zodiart. What is strange though is that there is nothing left behind as they can't find a switcher or a switch. While Meteor leaves Yuuki notices that there is hair on the ground and tries to analyze it, but it vanishes. Jake and the others then come to the scene as they think that the Zodiart is trying to stop the prom. Shun then keeps trying to win Miu over, but she just gets ticked off and not even Gen could calm her down as she leaves saying that they will split up to look for leads.
Tomoko now talks with Ritsuko about how Gen will find the truth. Ristuko then starts to laugh and seems to be jealous of Tomoko as she mentions about her having fun with her club. She even thinks about prom and how she shouldn't have even tried since everyone hates her as she says. Next we see Jun and she is the new captain as Miu and Tamae watch her changing and getting praise. Miu tells Tamae that Chameleon as attacked again, but she knows it isn't her. She then asks about if she did try to ask Gen out to prom and Tamea sees that the Queen is jealous. With Gen and Shun I guess they were trying to look for Nomoto, but no luck. Shun then tries to ask help from Gen as Fourze could make a much better way to ask Miu out to prom. We then see what Shun is thinking as Fourze is using the Scoop switch to make a message of love and then he carries Fourze with the Rocket switch as they blast up to Miu. That dream though is crushed by the reality as his dream Miu snaps. After Shun calms down though he starts to talk about the fun he had with the club and how he wants to have Miu as a date. The only reason he was with her is because of the fact he was King, but he soon started to actually like her. Gen who is amazed by Shun's love for Miu promises to give Shun the prom that he always wanted.
Gen then meets up with Miu and tries to discuss what her issue is with the prom. Their conservation is cut short though as Gen gets a call from Yuuki as the Dragon has appeared this time. The two then see the Dragon going on an attack as Gen transforms into Fourze. Dragon still has it's hard defense from last time, but he remembers what worked on his last time so he goes into Magnet States. The rest of the gang appears and this time Ryusei won't be able to fight because of Tomoko dragging him along saying that he leaves too many times. Gen tries to use magnetism on the Dragon, but it doesn't work for some reason and Ryusei tries to get away, but Tomoko is keeping a good eye on him. Gen is about to use the finisher, but Yuuki stops him as Kengo tells him to just ram the magnet into the Dragon. The hair piece appears again as it starts to move around on it's own! The new Zodiart appears now as it is the Coma Zodiart and surprisingly Yuuki is the one who finds this out. The new foe doesn't want to talk as it summons Altair again and then Cancer appears! There we find out that Cancer recruited this Zodiart as the three fight Gen. With things looking bad it's about time for the Power Dizer to help, but Shun isn't around. Jake now becomes the next pilot even though he starts to complain. Shockingly Jake is doing pretty good and better than what Miu expected as she remembers her previous comment. Shun comes in finally, but is dressed up as a clown for his next proposal idea. Shun is happy though to see Jake piloting the Dizer now, but Miu gets even more ticked off because she wonders how Shun can stay happy when the club is losing both of them. Shun then mentions about how Gen was trying to help Shun and Miu just says it. She actually wanted to go out with Gen for prom!!!
Episode 25 follows what the last two episodes have been doing and that is the great writing. The fights were okay with showing Meteor and Elek States. The final fights were good, but the Dizer does have some crappy CGI I have to admit. There is strong writing though as it gets pretty detailed like with the fact that the hair cannot copy the steel  material that Dragon had originally. The gang is improving greatly as Yuuki starts to take initiative and Jake isn't a bad fighter. I really like how the series bring back minor characters like they did in episode 13 and 14, but not as good. It was pretty predictable that the students didn't go back to being Zodiarts mostly with their reactions and how the monsters acted when they appeared. The episode does bring more of a mystery because we gotten no words from the new Zodiart, but I already know who it is so the mystery is sort of wasted. Miu and Shun are great this plot point for them is very realistic, a man who is trying to win his love, but she loves someone else. It happens a lot more than people think and Shun is mostly happy and keeps trying then he is crushed by the truth. How Miu acts is realistic as well because during a time like this she is trying to hide her real emotions because of the Zodiart appearances and she couldn't say herself back then. Overall it's not that strong with the fights and is following a predictable path, but the characters and the details are very well done. It gets a B+ mostly because of the scenes with Shun and Miu I mean what do you expect for their final episodes.
Next Time: The Final Dance

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