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Friday, March 9, 2012

Go-busters Episode 2 Review: It's Time For Super Buster!

We begin the second episode with the reveal of the two other robots as Blue and Yellow are piloting them. They are simply cleaning up the area though and Yoko isn't happy about it. The reason is because Hiromu isn't helping, but he's at base for a reason. After the two return to the base and Yoko is still whining about how Hiromu is getting special treatment. She even refers to him as a Siscon which I have a feeling will be said more than often in the series, since Hiromu wasn't originally going to join because of his sister. Now we see Hiromu where he talks with the captain about the past and his father. Their conversation is cut short as an alarm goes off for an Entertron leak. The team is allowed to move in as the opening credits start and this time it's the usual style, but it shows an upcoming scene from the episode which is sometimes used in Sentai. After the good opening credits we hear the narrator talk about Entertron and Hiromu getting a fuel tank for Nick. The others keep watch from afar as they track the leak as Yoko finds a trail. The three start to move, but a truck appears in front of Hiromu. Ryuji finds Enter its time to take action, but Yoko doesn't have any candy and Hiromu is frozen from the sight of a chicken. Ryuji is not happy as Enter spots him and attacks. Ryuji transforms and fights Enter.
At the base Gorisaki is stressing out as he worries for Ryuji and Miho wonders why the other two aren't around. There Usada talks about the teams' weak points as Yoko cannot work without any calories and Hiromu freezes up when he panics too much and somehow a chicken causes that... Ryuji's weakness is that he can overheat, but he can cool down. Luckily though Yoko finds a piece of candy in her pocket and Nick carries Hiromu to the action. Enter seems to be winning, but Yoko comes in and shoots at him, but he escapes then. The mission was a failure as Ryuji talks about the weak points as Hiromu apologizes for messing up. Yoko then starts to blame herself too as it wasn't all Hiromu' fault as she left Ryuu as well. Hiro then responds saying if he was around everything would have been fine and Yoko doesn't like that either and bickers at him for acting cocky. Yoko leaves frustrated as she sees Hiro has a self centered jerk, while he merely stating facts. Back at the base Ryuji is cooling off as Gorisaki is massaging him. Then Miho wonders what exactly happened to the team 13 years ago. One day at a very high tech lab, the virus Messiah comes alive and starts to make havoc. The whole lab will be teleported into a sub dimension so that the virus won't spread. The Busters had family members who were in the lab at that moment, Hiromu lost his father and Ryuji lost his mother.
Now with Enter reporting the current situation to Messiah. Enter failed last time, but this time he makes another new roid, the Burner Roid and a Megazord is being sent to Earth. The alarm goes off with the possible roid sighting and the Megazord is spotted as well and has around 8 minutes before arrival. They get to the scene, but before they fight Yoko asks Hiromu why he is fighting now. Hiromu quickly responds by saying he made a promise and then he runs off as the others follow. Back with the past as it seems the Center had to leave a countermeasure which where the three Busters. The three were given a program that makes them immune from the Metavirus and the three robots also have that as well. Without the Chief as well there is no clear information how data was sent into people, but now the three have great powers and great weaknesses. Going back to the fight Yoko asks what was the promise Hiromu made as we see that the promise was made 13 years ago. When they were young Hiromu tried to comfort Yoko by promising that everything will be normal again. After Hiromu says it again he transforms and fights the roid and Yoko remembers the past and gets a lot more excited as she eats her candy and the other Busters transform.
After the team give off their first official role call they go into action as Hiromu shows more of his super speed by dodging the flames and appearing behind the roid. Blue is next as he uses his super strength to make a shock wave and Yoko jumps in to punch him multiple times. Yellow and Red then start to blast the roid with their weapons while Blue and goes into close combat with the sword. Next Red summons both weapons and combines them into a stronger blaster as the other two keep hold of the roid. He charges up the blast and takes down the roid with it! With three minutes still remaining the team take out the fires and two minutes now have passed as the Buster Vehicles are sent out. Now the Megazord appears with the weapons of Burner Roid. With the town in danger though Hiromu takes on the Megazord alone while the other two make sure the citizen are safe. The robot is changed into Cheetah form, but the Megazord summons two more robots. Blue uses his vehicle to supply all the cars in it while Yellow puts out the fires. Hiromu easily takes out the two robots and heads for the big one who is attacking the Entertron tank. With the toss of a sword it gets stuck into the Zord and another one is sent to Hiromu. Hiromu then start to slash through the flames as he uses the charged up blade to finish off the Zord. With everything over the first thing that Hiromu says is that Yoko's head got rounder which meant she ate too much. Yoko then gets mad at him again and even shoots at the robot as she flies away.
First I have to say that this episode fixes the problem from the first episode as there is much more interaction with the team. I like that Yoko is distrusting Hiromu because he does seem a little dense and doesn't get the real reasons why she gets mad. Along with that Ryuji's comments were funny as he thinks he has to act like a father around them since he is the oldest one. It's already the second episode and I can already hear the fan fiction being written for Hiro X Yoko because I can tell that their interaction will be further developed in the series. The fights were amazing like last time as I like how quick they are and it adds to the realism because of the timer. It makes the show feel like its progressing well and not being rushed as we actually see the team group up and defeat a monster before time runs out. Its a little disappointing that the other robots didn't get much action as Red took most of that like from the first episode, but it works here. This is because they had to rescue people which reminds me of GoGoV and other Sentai. Which makes me love it more because the series is using past elements from past series, but yet its very different with the mixing of elements. We get enhanced heroes like the Showa era had with JAKQ, a spy motif like Sun Vulcan, and the story that will get further explanation which is mostly in this generation of Sentai. Overall its a great episode as it marks the first mission with all three together, an A-
Next Time: Hiromu's comeback

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