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Monday, March 12, 2012

Off Topic: Helping the Spread of Continue?!

I have to say I do check the internet, not only for toku shows, but also for other types of entertainment. I love how people are doing internet shows and do show hard work within them. With that said the guys who made Continue make an episode once per week. There are three guys who just sit on a couch who play any game possible (mostly retro) and then edit it to make around 10 minuted videos. Now there are a lot of other internet shows that do weekly shows, but these guys do a lot more. They recently did a live show for 12 hours and have done bonus episodes like a Q&A or just them having fun. For me personally that these three guys, Paul, Nick, and Josh made my favorite show on the internet. Originally they worked with Gamervision, but now work with a new team called Normalboots where other gaming shows are. Which is why I'm spreading them around, today the people at Normalboot is trying to give these guys a chance as they only have around 8,000 subscribers which is a little sad and they want to do many other things with the show. So again I'm just trying to make them a little more popular as I really enjoy their show. So let's see if we can get these guys the views they deserve!

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