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Friday, March 16, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 26 Review: Oh the Memories

After the recap of the last episode we see the fighting continuing and Jake is getting used to the Dizer. He even gets to finish the fake Altair, very impressive Jake. Gen is also winning his fight and while blasting the two Zodiarts he prepares for the finisher. It fails though because of Cancer's hard shell deflects the attack and there he makes his escape with the other villain. Jake gets out of the Dizer and is rewarded for his performance as Tomoko gives him Centipede Extract? He tries to open it, but can't as Gen gets it for him. Ryusei notices that Jake actually went beyond his limits in the fight. Yuuki is happy because the fact the seniors can retire easily and Gen tries to ask why she was yelling at Shun. Miu snaps a little as she tells him to shut up with a very angry tone, but then she congratulates them for their increasing efforts. She then leaves saying she is going to retire and Gen now tries to ask Shun what has happened, but Shun quickly runs off in rage. With the opening credits over we see Miu starting to pack up her things. There she realizes that the club meant a lot more to her than she thought it was. In the classroom Yuuki is freaking out because of the awkward situation with Shun and Miu. Kengo does know it's an issue, but it is a personal matter so he knows not to but in and focus on the new Zodiart since both of them are retiring. Gen then yells out that the two are still needed and then runs out in anger. For once Ryusei actually agrees with Gen about this and then Tomoko comes in saying that the three past Zodiarts won't be attending graduation.
Now we see the three past Zodiarts being yelled at by other students because of a newspaper article saying that the three are destroying prom with their Zodiart forms. Kengo starts to rip the article off the board as Yayoi starts to yell at him. He even says that the three are not to blame for the attacks and even tests the crowd's trust. Would they trust someone who has been working in the news club for every three years or a bunch of deviants? Yea the Rider Club is in some trouble as the students are siding with Yayoi and says that prom is ruined. Ohsugi walks in though saying that the prom is still in motion and will start tomorrow. Gen gets to the rabbit hutch and notices that someone is out on the moon. It's Miu of course as she is looking into space as Gen comes in as Fourze. There he asks Miu to dance with Shun for prom and Miu responds that the party is more special than he thinks. She says that ever since her first dance as Queen she realized that for her final year she wants to dance with the person who affected her life the most. Shun is then in the Rabbit Hutch and hears their conversation and there Miu thinks about dancing with Shun. Miu leaves as Shun isn't happy with this, but Gen is excited that he got things to work. He then notices Shun and tells him the news and Shun gives him a punch! He tells Gen that no one wants a prom like that and he was going to say the truth about Miu, but he cannot say it as he leaves.

Next we see Yayoi walking alone as she pulls out a switch, but before she could transform, Kengo and the gang come out. We then find out Yayoi's desires as she wants to stay in school and never graduate and now she transforms into the Coma Zodiarts. Ryusei is around though and thinks that she could become Aries, so he gets out his belt and transforms into Meteor. He fights Coma, but during the fight he gets tangled by her hair and is slowly being dragged towards her. He counters though by using his Limit Break when he got close enough to her and defeats her! Gen then comes in and Yayoi isn't done yet and won't stop until prom is destroyed as she transforms again and flees. Jake also comes in late and for that he gets slapped by Tomoko. Kengo realizes how much anger she has and sees that they need to get her away from the switch ASAP. Meteor though replies that they cannot do that with the situation they are in right now and leaves. At the school, the graduation ceremony is going on without any issues, but the gang knows Yayoi will strike at prom. They already have Jake in the Dizer, but he is asleep... It also seems that the three past switchers didn't come to the ceremony. Now we transition to the prom as we see Miu going with Shun. The two then see Tamae and Nomoto are dating each other for prom as it was Gen's idea. As they enter we see that Ryusei is in because he is Ritsuko's date and that is because he doesn't want to get cursed by the others.
Before he goes and dance with Ritsuko he tells Shun and Miu that the club is still not ready for their leave. Yuuki is progressing, but she panics too much and Jake lacks in stamina. We now see Yayoi as she tires to walk to the prom, but Gen stops her. Gen says that he wants the seniors to have a safe prom, but that still doesn't stop Yayoi as her switch goes into Last One (and for some reason it has a different voice). Both Gen and Yayoi transform and fight each other as we see the Kamen Rider Girls giving the seniors a song. Their song keeps playing as we see Gen having issues because of Cancer's arrival. Kengo calls Jake and he wakes up to attack! During the dance Miu can tell that Shun isn't all that happy with this even so he desired for it sooooo much. After seeing the food roids in the room he knows that Gen and the others are fighting and his prom as ended. Even with them retiring, Shun will force his way into a spot because he still hasn't brought peace to the school. Miu then rips her dress and chases after him as Ryusei is happy to see the two going to fight once more. Back to the fight Jake is defeated by Cancer as he is knocked out of the Dizer and now Gen is alone in this fight!
Yuuki is now starting to stress out and says that its hopeless. All isn't lost though because Miu and Shun arrive! Miu gets the gang back together as Shun is back in the Power Dizer as he shoves Cancer away. Shun gets a hold on both of the Zodiarts and commands Gentaro to do a pincer attack? Gen goes into Magnet States and prepares the finisher. Both of them start to run at each other, but before they collide Cancer gets loose, but Coma is defeated for good. With the fight over Shun asks Gen to have a personal prom as he hands over his jacket to Gen and asks for him to dance with Miu. There he tells Gen that Miu wanted to dance with him the whole time. Gen tries to question Shun, but the only way to have a prom without any disappointments is too only have Miu smile. The two begin to dance as Shun walks off like a real man. During his walk away he remembers the first time he met Gen and was bullying him to the first time he fought in the Dizer. For Miu she flashbacks the the first time they met as well and to the time she was saved by him. It's a new day now as Yuuki is excited to be the president now. When entering though they see Shun and Miu are still around. Even though they have graduated school, they haven't graduated from the club. Their colleges are nearby so they can still be in the club as now Miu makes herself the chairman now as Gen is excited to see that the club is staying!
Shun you are a real man!
That is episode 26 and it is one of the best in the series. First the series continued the great writing that the last episode had as the team was in chaos with the whole situation. It's very realistic because if one gear isn't working the whole machine breaks down. I have to say though that Yayoi was very basic. Even Cancer didn't have that much screen time, but that gives him the image that he is getting used to acting in the shadows like the other Horoscopes. The fights also got a lot better as we see Jake get a win, Meteor defeating the Zodiart, but she still continued to fight, and finally Gen and Shun fighting along each other again. It's been a while that Shun had a great battle and it easily shown how strong he is as he finished it quickly. That was one good thing about Yayoi, her desires were easily pushing her like other Zodiarts, but I liked seeing her transform after a defeat. The drama part of this episode wins again though because of the great chemistry with Shun and Miu. The two soon realized that they don't need to stop fighting even if they are leaving the school. Also I just loved seeing how this episode arc didn't forget the minor characters which I was afraid that would happen. Then there was the scene where Shun accepted the facts and let Miu dance with Gen it was a very touching scene as he put her wishes before his. Now it did feel like that the two were going to leave, but as soon as Ryusei was trying to keep them I knew they would stay. So with that this episode gets an A+ it had much better action and the writing really supported everything.
Next Time: Gen's grandfather!

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