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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Go-busters Episode 3 Review: Emergency!

Starting the episode off is Enter talking with Messiah about how he is failing recently because of the Go-busters. He has a plan though to use more than one Megazord to attack the Go-busters. All of a sudden though Messiah starts to rage and if it continues Enter's communication with him could be destroyed. Enter doesn't succeed though so he simply exits from the dimension and goes back into the hospital where he is disguised as a doctor. This time he finds an Enertron source and already uses all of it to make a new Metaroid. The Needledroid is born and slowly the Enertron in the hospital decreases. Also a Megazord is being sent to Earth while the Management Center notice the readings and the Busters are quickly sent into battle. The three get to the hospital where there seems to be no signs of the Vaglass, but they could just be hiding. Hiromu thinks they should just break in because of many signs that people are in danger like how all the blinds are closed. Yoko just thinks they are just closed, but Hiro say the sign which says they close on Wednesday, but today is Monday. The three get in the building and start to look around as it is very empty. While looking around Hiromu opens a door to see that some of the doctors have strange masks on their faces.
The three are shocked to see this, but don't have time to stare as the roid activates them to attack! Since they are humans the heroes can't shoot at them so they simply knock the people out. Enter then comes into the scene as Hiromu holds his blaster up towards him. Enter distracts the team with talking about his plans to make the humans suffer as he gives off a quick smirk and attacks. The three avoid the attack, but Enter already made his escape. Hiromu tries to help Yoko up, but she isn't happy at all with him for some reason. Now back to the base where we find out that the Megazord will arrive in 49 minutes because of the low amount of Enertron used this time. Ryuji sees the time, but Hiromu and Yoko are distracted by their bickering. It's mostly Yoko though who is talking as she doesn't like how Hiro treats her like a child. Hiromu replies by saying that she is a child because of her age of 16. Hiro also mentions about how she didn't eat anything while inside, but Yoko ignores him and then her hunger starts to get her. She is stuck on the ground now and yells out "chicken" which scares Hiro and sightly freezes him. Ryuji then talks to Yoko about how the three are on a mission and how this attitude isn't acceptable. He also says that Hiro is a good person, he is just very blunt.
While all of this is happening the droid starts to take new victims so he can make slaves out of them. How he does is by injecting the people with metal cells into them which somehow creates the mask. Back with the heroes as they find a doctor trying to run away from the foot soldiers. The three transform and protect the doctor by literally blasting the living crap out of them. After the fight the doctor tells the gang that the monster is taking up too much energy and soon the patients in the ICU will be in trouble if the hospital runs out. You think getting rid of the monster would just be fine, but no. The Enertron will still go away so Ryuji has to take energy from a tower under the amount of time he has. The droid call out the Busters to fight him and Enter keeps using more energy to summon more grunts. The three fight off the grunts and the human slaves as Ryuji makes his escape before the hospital completely closes. Now outside he makes a call to base to send a mecha out as Gorisaki is sent out as well. Nick tries to leave so he could help the two, but the boss makes him stay as he is important. Buddyroids are the hearts of the robots and without them the machines will not move and with an upcoming Megazord it's important to keep him functioning. The GT-02 machine is now sent out as the Busters keep fighting.
The vehicle quickly changes into the gorilla mode as it reaches the Enertron Tower. Time isn't on his side though as the Megazord comes down to Earth as Ryuji has only started to get the energy. With the other two a girl is found crying on the ground and Yoko protects her from the three grunts. The little girl reminds Yoko of herself from 13 years ago, but she knows she isn't like that anymore. She also says that Hiro still thinks that Yoko acts like that since he hasn't seen her in a long time. This moment is stopped by the roid as he comes in and attacks the two. The two are entangled by wires at their feet and are being dragged towards the enemy and they cannot cut the wires as well. While hanging on for their lives Hiromu apologizes to Yoko about how he was acting and Yoko replies that the strait-forwardness isn't bad it just ticks her off a little and its nice to see that he remembers his promise. This time though they are a team so they will accomplish the promise together. The roid then begins to drag them forward then, but the two attack him and shove him out the window. Back with Ryuji and he has enough energy now, but with the Megazord close by he will have to fight. The robot fires banana missiles at the foe as he slips on the peels..... Now the boss wants to deploy the other two robots now, but they will only be able to fight in vehicle mode. Hiromu and Yoko though say that they will only need thirty seconds before their arrival as they transform again.
The two easily do as they say and quickly finish the roid off with their swords. It is now night and the hospital is losing more energy and the Megazord is stealing energy from the GT-02. Luckily though Hiromu comes in with his robot and gets Ryuji out of the battle. Ryuji tries to get there faster by using the bridge, but it cannot hold the weight as the robot falls into the water. Hiromu quickly finishes off the Megazord with the sword and now the hospital has lost all energy. Luckily Ryuji makes it out alive and gives the hospital the Enertron. We end the episode with the team smiling as Yoko and Hiromu see each other smile for the first time.
That was episode three and it fixes what the last two episodes didn't do. First there was more focus on the issue that Hiromu and Yoko were having as they finally patch that up. A new robot gets some action, but sadly the same one keeps getting the finisher. Then finally seeing Enter having to go into action just so he can calm Messiah down. I really liked how the villains were in this episode because it shows a new tactic on how the Vaglass act. Messiah wants humans to suffer and Enter simply has to do that. This shows that there could be more possible episodes with this or something different. The action was actually short and sweet in this episode and it shows the full power of our heroes as they get quick kills. I am still loving on how the show really does use thoughts and the writing helps with that as well. Like with Nick unable to help Hiro and Yoko and how they really think about the time. Overall this is the best out of the three episodes as we finish the big issues between Red and Yellow, but I know they will bicker some more. With great villains and fights along with it this episode gets an A.
Next Time: Hiro in danger!

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