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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 27 Review: Busted!

The episode starts off with the school being closed for the time as the year is over. Cancer though is still around and is having other students try to perform for him, but one man fails and a hoop gets cut? When the hoop is cut the man falls on the ground and we see more victims on the ground. With Gen he is happy to finally get some relaxation since school is out and there are no Zodiarts. The club members seem mostly bored though, but Kengo comes in with a new roid. This roid works with the Aero switch as it summons four little robots as it will be mostly used for tracking Zodiarts. Yuuki is then naming the four little robots and is happy about her president seat, but Miu and Shun are still around as they will be the chairman and the coach. Gen thinks of something for a celebration of the new administration of the club by having the gang eat at his house. Yuuki will cook her space hot pot and every is excited to eat as Tomoko as a little moment and says it will be good. Ryusei is also invited so he could improve their friendship. In Ryusei's mind of course he would want to say no, but he wants to see what kind of environment made Gen who he is. The celebration will start in two hours as Ryusei leaves to talk to Tachibana.
Ryusei talks with Tachibana about how Kijima calls him out to meet. Tachibana suspects that Ryusei blew his identity away, but how could he mess up? A warning though is given to Ryusei if he is caught and that means he would have to forfeit his powers. They also discuss about the upgrade for Meteor as Ryusei thinks he cannot defeat Cancer with his current gear. Tachibana asks him if it is just Ryusei's lack of skills and Ryusei gets ticked off and ends the discussion. Tachibana then sees that Ryusei's strength has been changing and thinks to wait before giving the new switch to him. After the opening we see Ohsugi is very happy to have a school with no students around. Gamou is not having a relaxing time though as he is being talked to about the safety of the school. The officer tries to talk to him, but Gamou uses his hypnotizing powers to get him away again. Hayami then informs him of Cancer working by himself again. Gamou though sees no problem with that as he sees a lot of potential in him. Ryusei finds Cancer as he takes down his last victim by cutting a hoop again. There we find out those hoops are connected to a person's soul as Kijima is stealing the souls of people who didn't make him laugh and for the winners they will get a switch. We also find out that Kijima wants Ryusei to have a switch because he is impressed by him and how he revealed that Kijima was the Pegasus Zodiarts. Kijima keeps complementing him and even says that he is a liar like himself. Ryusei rejects his offer and leaves, but Kijima transforms and chases after him.
Ryusei quickly vanishes though and transforms into Meteor and fights Cancer. Good timing too as Cancer wants to find out Meteor's identity for his boss. Now Meteor will fight Cancer so he can get some information on the boss and meanwhile the rest of the gang get to Gen's house. The gang come in to see Gen's grandfather, Goro, who is looking at Fourze's bike. Everyone is a little freaked out to see how Goro acts because it is very similar to Gen. Shun asks about Gen's parents and Gen just says they died in a car accident (I have a feeling that will come more important later on). Him and his grandfather talk about his past and then Yuuki comes in to tell them that the hot pot is ready. Back with the fight as we see Cancer is firing off jokes and Meteor attacks him with Jupiter. Cancer gets hit, but he quickly runs away into the library. Ryusei cannot find him as cancels the transformation. Bad timing though as it seems Cancer was still around. Cancer was only hiding to let Meteor drop his guard and it worked as he appears in front of Ryusei. Now with his identity revealed everything is going wrong, but Cancer says he will not say anything for now. Cancer leaves Ryusei so that he could have more time thinking about his decisions.
Back with Gen and the gang as the hot pot is ready and in it are some odd things. The food is shaped into planets...of course and Yuuki gets the foodroids in to act like butlers. Every planet has a special feature like Mars is full of hot spices. Even with these strange ingredients along with Tomoko's special ingredient, Goro has delight in eating this. Ryusei comes in then and Tomoko notices that something is off about him. Since Ryusei knows he cannot be Meteor anymore he has to get Gen to fight Kijima for him. Shun then asks more about Gen's parents and for their occupation Gen and Goro really didn't know. Gen though talks about how happy his parents were when Gen made new friends and he flashbacks to his father saying that friends will save him. Gen keeps talking more about friendship and wants to see everyone's real smile and he wants to see that from Ryusei. Ryu though stands up, says he doesn't understand friendship, and leaves. Now that Ryusei sees how naive Gen is he now will take matters in his own hands. He learned the hard way of not to make friends anymore ever since that day Jiro got hurt. Tomoko is quite sad to see Ryusei like that and leaves to find him.
Kijima is happy to see Ryu as he thinks he will join, but Ryusei still rejects the offer and will fight him. Ryusei tries to transform, but nothing happens. He keeps trying to transform, but nothing is working and Kijima thinks that this is a plan to trick him. Kijima starts to laugh maniacally and transforms into Cancer. Ryusei tries to fight, but without Meteor's powers he cannot possibly stand a chance. Their fight is stopped by Gen who comes into the scene thanks to Tomoko saying that something was off about Ryusei. Gen transforms into Fourze and fights off Cancer. Tomoko is showing the fight to the others with the foodroid and luckily Goro is sleeping. Kengo tells Gen to use the Freeze and Water switch and so he gets them from the foodroids and equips them. The combo works perfectly as the two switches work together to trap Cancer with ice around his feet. During this Ryusei calls Tachibana to ask him why he cannot transform. Tachibana knew that Cancer learned his identity thanks to the Meteor switch. As long as Ryusei carries it with him, Tachibana will know everything that happens with Ryusei. Tachibana ends their conversation by saying that Ryusei can no longer be Meteor and now Gen goes into Magnet States. There Gen uses the finisher and it connects as Kijima screams, but that was all an act. Kijima then uses the Supernova to transform into a giant crab monster as Gamou is impressed to see that he didn't need any help getting to that form.
Quick call Hibiki!
That is episode 27 and damn Kijima is probably the best villain so far in the series. He has only been around for so little yet he is doing a lot. He is acting on his own and gaining powers along with that. Also he is a very cocky character. He keeps joking during fights and it just builds more on his character on how he acts. He is also a very smart villain as he found out Meteor's identity. Now with Meteor there is one thing I have been wondering, why is Meteor supposed to keep his identity a secret? This was brought up since Ryusei's first episode and seeing how Tachibana forcefulness with this really makes me think more about it? Along I liked how Ryusei was trying to hide in the shadows from Tachibana before his secret is completely ruined. Now with Ryusei no longer able to be Meteor how will Tachibana counteract this? Now there are more questions also being made as he learn very little about Gen's parents. We all know that this will affect the series soon, but for now we are left to wonder. What was so great to see Gen's grandfather is how similar they act and gives t us the conclusion on where Gen got his personality from. Overall its a great episode as it really makes us wonder what can happen next, an A-. The only thing missing was more interaction with the other villains.
Next Time: A storm is coming!

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