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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 13 Review: Cutting the Arrows of Love

In this episode of Kyoryuger we get to focus on the other sword wielding member of the team, Souji as we see a a little bit of his school life. His friend, Rin wants to get a little closer though and soon the Black Cupid intervenes.
So yes this is the romance episode for this series which hasn't really been done yet. There were little jokes with Amy and Souji, but those were for comedic reasons. This time it's a real romance, well for Rin it is. Rin really wants to take things up to another level, but sadly she is dealing with the dense Souji. I have to say her character was a good amount of fun, she is very innocent and the actress really does give that image off easily. She's very cute and god dammit why couldn't I have a school life like that! I will have there was one big cliche where a misunderstanding happens and for a moment I thought everything was going to turn into a school romance anime. At least that got stopped right after the misunderstanding occurred. Going on with Rin, as I said she was a fun character and I do hope she won't just be that minor character we never see again.
Going on with Souji even though he did a huge part of the episode there was a lot of screen time sorted out very well for the other characters. I will get to those part later, but something I wanted to bring up before going into the other characters. It has been a while since we had a Souji focused episode and we really begin to see him act more happy than when he started out. In the previous episodes I do remember him expressing more emotions and in this episode he was smiling more. The first scene is him training with Ucchi as he appreciated it. So we get a focus on he is acting behavioral wise and we get to see him train more with the sword. Still he is pretty dense as that still hasn't changed as the ending showed that perfectly. I was already a fan of Souji, but I cannot disagree that he is improving as a character which is making him a lot more fun.
Now for the first two characters that started to intervene were Ian and Ucchi. As I said before Ucchi had a training spar with Souji and seeing the two sword wielders clash was interesting and it's great to see a samurai teaching a fellow swordsman. Ucchi though gets involved because he finds a love letter that Rin dropped and he shows this to Ian. This gives Ian an idea as he wants to help Rin catch Souji with her love. So the two decide to help Rin with her love mission as they pretend to be punks and threaten the two. My goodness these two really got dressed up for this part. Ucchi got the old school rebel look and Ian got the usual school uniform and changed his hair style. The two pretend to be interested in Rin and then Rin was going to say that she and Souji are a couple. Sadly the plan fails since Amy beats up the two acting punks since she was not informed on what was happening. It was a well delivered scene since I was not expecting Amy to come out and kick the two guys. I was expecting a teacher or principle since you know it's a school!
While this was all happening the Debos Army started up their new plan as it involved cutting the bonds of love. The MOTW is a scissor monster who can cut the arrows in a relationship. He only cuts one per couple and this causes the person to overreact and tries to keep the person close to them as possible. This is because they think they are being dumped so this causes despair for the people with a broken heart. Then it was by luck that Nossan and King were around as they were cleaning the park..... (message for the kids I guess). So the two fight the new monster, but it seems he can also cut bonds in friendships as well. We discover this when he cuts King's arrow and he starts to get way too close to Nossan. Nossan picked up what was happening though and shoots the giant scissors which breaks them and causes the people to go back to normal. I have to say that forced message was out of place, but at least the scene was still good though. Nossan caught on pretty quickly on what was going on and fixed the problem. After the monster does escape, King already has a plan in store for him.
Well this plan was easily guessable I will say since the monster messes up with love so yea, cross dressing got involved. Nossan and King act like they were a couple breaking up which gets the monster's attention. Then he was so certain that he could mess with this he didn't even check on the arrows. This gets Nossan the moment to grab the scissors, King to fire, and then with the others around they get Ucchi to slice them in half. Now for those who thinks that the monster can't fight without those, boy are you wrong. He carries many blades in his body as he can summon them from his hands and feet. Just think of Wolverine, but if he can extend the claws as far as he wants to. Then with the arrows he can see the bonds with a monocle with different settings. He was an interesting monster and again it was another one that held a surprise in the action part of the show. Also the plan is pretty good also since one person will be in constant sadness, but I was hoping to see the other person act up as well. I mean anger could have came up from someone tying you up!
Continuing on is with Amy. She had the tiniest of involvement, but again she was still involved. After saving Souji and Rin from the fake punks. She gives Souji an adress and this gets Rin to think that Amy is Souji's girlfriend. This gets worse as Ian and Ucchi keep pushing Rin to get closer which gets her to see Souji shopping with Amy. Rin then thinks Ian was messing around with her and smacks him in the face, ouch! So after that Amy got in the background more and acted like the other two as she wanted Rin to win as well. What was more enjoyable was how Souji was talking with her about how he changed. He brings up through saying how Ian wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings which is great to see Souji protecting Ian since those two did fix their friendship in episode five. So again the character development was the best part of the episode as everyone played a certain role as this was shown with Souji and Rin being the main focus, Ian and Ucchi being cupid's assistants, Nossan and King dealing with the monster, and Amy making the misunderstanding.
 Going on with the involvement the comedy was at it's best thanks to many things happening. I loved seeing the huge amount of tears coming out of people's eyes when they were being heart broken as it was a huge comedic effect. I will say though they didn't need to put an effect for when Rin had her little tears after seeing Souji being with Amy. Soon King and Nossan had their struggle thanks to King being heart broken and it did get creepy, but that made it more funny as well. Then going on with the creepy yet funny parts, King cross dressing.... yea he had the wig and everything. I will say this from looking at the back he looked very convincing. Also why do so many guys in Toku pull this off I mean really? I know they aren't the manliest of men, but still King's legs work with the stockings whoops too much detail. So yea this episode played around with some odd things, but the shock part of the humor really worked well since it was pretty over the top.
Now onto the action of the show and the first fight was pretty much a quick struggle and having Nossan finding out what was happening very quickly. It was short, but it established the monster's powers well and seeing our heroes be smart is good. The second fight actually started with some high suspense as Rin got her arrow snipped by the monster and she starts to strangle Souji! Then came the when the monster was fooled and Nossan holds the scissors when they were open and near his head! I know they cut bonds, but scissors are still scissors and they're giant ones! Now this fight didn't have screen time for everyone, but at least it got the three main players. Souji was the big focus of course and he pulled more sick sword skills. Now some could be tired of this, but I feel that this part of the fight was well done. I mean Souji cuts through the monster's big swords! Then Ian and Ucchi help him out when the feet blades come out. This then leads to Ucchi and Souji doing a duo finisher with double the lightning! As I said before lightning effects make everything cooler.
Even the mecha fight was very good in this episode as it felt more traditional than most of the others. It was not as heavy with the special effects as it was more suit action. First there were the giant minions which haven't appeared for a while if I'm correct. Kyoryujin fights those two, but the MOTW surprises them and the two other giants keep a hold on them. Luckily, Pteraiden-oh appears and thanks to Souji a new combination is made. Zakutor and Parasagun combine with Pteraiden-oh to make the western version of it. I am already loving this part since now this mecha can do the many combinations as well. It could mean for a lot of unique moments and nice team ups with the mechs. I will say though the actual end to the fight felt pretty anti-climatic though since the two mechs just got a couple of hits each and then went straight for the finisher. It's still the constant thing with these mech fights, but this one lasted a little longer, and a sense of struggle, and a new reveal is always nice.
Overall this episode was a lot of fun and it's an "A" episode, but again somethings could have been changed or added to give a better feeling, but everything still felt great thanks to everyone being involved along with some well added humor.
Next Time: First-classed Amy

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