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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 35 Review: Micchy the Savior? (Spoiler Alert!!!)

In this episode of Gaim, Micchy starts to take action as he aims for his perfect world, but what does Mai and Kouta have to say about this? Also Takatora is finally back in the city, what could he possibly do now though?
The first thing I want to talk about is how the Inves are now acting like an actual group. With Roshou and Reduye taking more control the Inves that were just rampaging have now become grunts. In the previous episode they were taking human hostages for Reduye's plans. Before these monsters would just attack and kill and even Demushu acted like that so things have gotten interesting seeing the Inves being more organized. This just gives a new feeling for the show again as it's another big change to one of the big elements of the show. It's a good change as well since it makes the Inves seem more threatening now since they can actually work together. Still it's mostly Roshou who is the really threatening one here though as he is quite done with the humans as he said many times before. He even causes the forest to spread around more of the world! Literally Inves raining down upon other countries and heck North America just got destroyed! The missiles that were fired at the city were redirected so as Kaito said, Roshou is now in the war and he is the strongest one in this war.
Reminding me of a new feeling in the show, we finally get some cool shots of the destroyed city in this episode. There have clearly been shots of the vegetation spreading around the city, but really things still looked nice and clean. When Takatora is walking around the city, there are many signs of destruction. Now it still isn't the best since this is a show with a lower budget compared to other series or even a movie and yet the simple touches finally get this doomsday feeling now. I do hope there will be some more shots like this and it would be interesting to see fights in destroyed areas since the action as shown before that it will play with the stage props.
With the heroes then they decide to take action since other countries are now focused with defending themselves more than trying to attack the city and with America being taken down that easily scared the other countries as well. The heroes want to find a way into the tower since they know that is where everything is going on; Reduye and Roshou are there along with the hostages. That isn't the important part though as Kaito and Yoko try to make Kouta see what Micchy really is. Sadly none of this passes through Kouta since he knows the good side of Micchy. Kouta even knows that Micchy does do some interesting things though. Kouta realizes that the boy keeps some secrets and did have divering opinions, but Kouta knows Micchy wants to help him and Mai. One thing is for sure though with how Micchy is now, I think Kouta is finally going to realize the knife in his back.
So let us get to Micchy now and I will say I do like him wearing a suit for a change, but it's too bad he doesn't act like a gentleman. In the previous episode I could tell that Micchy is now a lost cause, he is going straight into villain territory now. Micchy is really thinking about saving humanity and yet he only wants a select few to join him and those people will be his friends. Micchy is straight up ignoring other people and just saving the people who he made bonds with. Micchy is then trying to hide his intentions with the idea of Noah's Ark which is something I like since the show has already played with mythos and religion before so this just stays in tune with the theme. The best part though is when he tells all of this to Mai as she starts to think differently about his plans. Mai tells Micchy is that he is just doing what Yggdrasil did and that Kouta would say no. Micchy starts to go on a rant and during this we see flashbacks of when Kouta and Micchy started to separate in ideals. Again this really just makes you look back at the series itself as these two did fight pretty early in the series, but in the beginning I wouldn't have guessed that Micchy and Kouta would take their ideals this far. The difference between the two is that one tries to think of the worst possible victory while the other aims for the top and Mai is clearly aiming high with Kouta because of hope. Now Micchy sees that gaining Mai's trust is going to be easy if the only thing separating the two is hope.
Micchy then heads straight on to destroy the hope Mai has and to do that he needs to kill Kouta and he will do it by himself with no more back stabbing tactics. Micchy finds Kouta, shows that he has been using Takatora's belt and attacks him. Micchy has really come a long way hasn't he? Back then he would always be behind the scenes or making sure he wouldn't be found out, but he doesn't care about that anymore. Micchy has a dream and he is going to make that become a part of reality. Before attacking Kouta though he does try to make Kouta think his way once more. When asking about Kouta's hope about making sure everyone survives and doesn't end up like Yuuya, Micchy tries to switch it around. Micchy sees that Yuuya's sacrifice was needed since it gave Kouta the strength he has now and he even protected Mai from danger. He then goes on about how Kouta should have made more bold decisions like that to really become the hero humanity needed and he even thought he was worthy to have Mai. Things have come full circle here folks, Micchy did admire Kouta for being the bold hero, but now he just sees him at being the blind hero who wants to save all. Micchy has learned that people will have to die and that he is the only one who can be the hero of humanity since he learned that from Kouta's example in the beginning of the series. To top all of this off then, Takatora is watching all of this; I wonder how it has to feel to see his brother like this?
It continues to get better though as when Micchy attacks Kouta he starts screaming out that Kouta is like the villain right now. Kouta is causing hope to spread too many other people and saw that it's Kouta's fault that his own brother is dead. Micchy only worries about the people he cared about and Kouta trying to be the grand hero has been causing people to their doom as seen in Micchy's eyes. Again Micchy sees things on a darker side and knows for fact that people will have to die and a large amount at that. Micchy is pretty much the complete opposite of his older brother. Takatora had doubt and in the end wanted to find a plan to save as many as possible. Micchy has no doubt and only sees that the people he cares about should be alive. Now there have been scenes of Micchy not thinking Kouta as a friend anymore, but this just makes that one hundred percent true. The best line in the scene is when Micchy says the only way to save Mai is to kill Kouta just like how Yuuya was killed to save Mai. This is just showing that Micchy has become a lost cause and high chance will be paying the price sometime soon and with his brother back and seeing him like this that could come sooner than expected.
I could talk about the little action moments or the scenes with the Overlords and part of Team Gaim, but they are very little and didn't add any all that new to this episode. The main focus here was Micchy as he has taken a path where he can only head forward now. Micchy is now doing things up front in person with no tactics anymore. I just love this character path for him as it did have the big hints, but I could never expect Micchy to turn like this and going so far. The big question now is how will Kouta fight now, will he stand up against his former friend or will he try to save him? Either way there are many things to like about the three main characters here as one of them as taken the path of a villain. Micchy is becoming one hell of a villain and I can't wait to see what happens with him later on, either way this episode gets an A- since while the main meat was strong there were just these tiny moments that just a bit boring at times since it wasn't anything new and was something we could easily thought of.
Next Time: The real Zangetsu returns!

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  1. To be quite honest, Micchy is one of my favorite characters of Kamen Rider Gaim. His goals and development as a villain have always impressed me. Without Micchy, I don't think the storyline would have been this great. I know it sounds strange considering how everyone hates him but he really is one of the many reasons why I love watching this series.